The multi layer cast co-extruded films we offer to our customers range from 20 to 300 microns in thickness. The main
plant and machinery for the production of these films are of Battenfeld, U.K.

Our main products include:

Barrier film: For food packaging, medical packaging and general packaging applications. Cast Co-extruded barrier film is a 3-layer (exposed nylon) or 5-layer film (burried nylon/EVOH) containing barrier layer made of nylon or EVOH and outer layers of PP and/or PE. The different layers are designed to give heat seal, printing and barrier properties to the end package. It provides excellent oxygen/gas/aroma/moisture barrier properties for food pack enabling much longer shelf-life. Applications are fresh & cooked meat, retort pack, bakery and cheese packs, processed fruit packs etc. These films are also used in medical packing such as syringe and needle. Product specifications…

Medical Soft Blister Film: It is a 3 layer film with PP or PA, LD and other polymers for packing of various medical articles such as syringes, needles, feeding tubes, I.V. tubes, etc. The films are passed through a thermoforming process and then used for packing of such articles. Product specifications…

Masking film: It is a multilayer plastic film with a special type of polymer having adhesive property on one side. It is used for protection of a product's surface from dust, scratches and damage during manufacturing, handling and transportation. It is used in many industries for products such as TV Picture tubes, Refrigerators and other white goods, plastic sheets, stainless steel sheets etc. Product specifications…

CPP (Cast Polypropylene Film):

It is a multilayer PP film with co-polymer and homo-polymer. It is used as a heat seal layer along with BOPP/Polyester film in a laminate for packing of food articles. CPP films have higher gloss and transparency, higher strength, superior barrier properties and excellent sealing strength. CPP is also used in textile packing, packaging of food and flowers, stationery applications such as file folders, clear pockets & dividers for files and photo albums, replacing PVC. Thick CPP films are also used for cable wrapping after orientation in MDO orienter. Product specifications…
Release Film:
It is a multilayer embossed or plain polyolefin film used in rubber, tyre retreading and conveyor belting industry. All tyre manufacturing and retreading companies use this film in fairly large quantities for rubber release application. Product specifications…

Stretch Wrap Film: It is a LLDPE/ Metallocene LLDPE based elastic plastic film used for unitization of loads (pallet wrapping) and for protective packing. It is used in a wide range of applications such as pallet wrapping, bottle transportation, paper rolls/film roll packing and in industries such as ceramic tile, TV Picture tube, Publishing, PVC & aluminium profiles, tin box manufacture, cycle & cycle parts, furniture, etc. Product specifications…

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Nylon/EVOH Barrier Film
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Packing of
Medical Disposable (Syringes & Needles)
      •  Confectionery (Twist wrap)
      •  Bakery Products (Bread & Cake etc)
      •  Food requiring Barrier properties like cheese, meat etc.
Textiles (Hosiery, Socks, Shirts etc.)
Industrial Products
Paper/Film rolls
Release (Rubber, Tyre etc)
Surface Protection
Floral Wraps (Cut flowers, dried flowers)
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